Shocked. Confused. Speachless and all those things. Those are my reactions right now, as I just found out that one of the Most Important games of All Time was actually going to be a Mac Exclusive title – which Steve Jobs himself unveiled and claimed would revolutionize gaming. The Macworld 99 video is after the break.

I can’t even imagine a world in which Halo would have been released on the Mac. I mean that would have made the Mac as one of the best gaming Platforms out there. Apple would have conquered another billion dollar market, and Microsoft would have been left scared with a console that no one would step up to buy.

Back in those days, the only reason to buy the Xbox was Halo, a game changing revolution that has been ranked as the 2nd greatest game of the 21st Century based on ratings, sales, reviews, critics, and commentary.

Just imagine how the gaming industry would have been right now. We wouldn’t be drooling over Project Natal probably because Microsoft would have been a failure with the Xbox and Xbox Live would have never picked up. After all, Halo 2 was the most played title on the service till Gears of War came out years later.

In short, I’d say it was a very smart game changing move by Microsoft when it acquired Bungie and handicapped Mac’s future as a gaming platform for ever. A future I am proud to be a part of.