doomsdayOk let me start by clearing the fact that I am not superstitious at all. In fact I laugh at the face of people think like that, and I’m proud of it. No broken mirrors, black cats or leaning ladders upset me. And yeah not even a Friday 13th. But tie it up with something related to computers, and I’m sold.

While strolling around the internet today, I came around an interesting fact that the UNIX clock would tick the 1234567890th second on this Friday, which happens to be Friday 13th.Now is that a pure coincidence or there are some divine logic behind it, we can’t tell. But what we should know is that there are about 4 days left to a potential end of the world, so people live it up.

Oh and in case anyone doesn’t know, UNIX time is the basic time that every computing device follows and equals January 1, 1970 00:00:00 hours. Here’s a little something for you to count the Minutes to Midnight (yeah its only a few hours before Valentines Day).