Windows7logoImpressed by Windows 7 thus far? Thinking about upgrading your Vista gaming rig to the new operating system by Microsoft? Then you better give it a second thought.

According a head to head comparison between Windows 7 64-bit and Windows Vista Service Pack 2 64-bit, you wouldn’t notice any difference in performance between the two when running DirectX 10 titles. But things aren’t at simple as they seem. Continue reading after the break if you’re interested.

I remember when Vista came out, lots of people complained about its poor gaming performance compared to Windows XP. Of course those comparisons were only limited to DirectX 9c because that’s the highest version of the technology Windows XP could support. Game performance in DirectX 10 enabled games decreased even further because it required more processing power.


Thankfully that isn’t the case with this OS transition. Vista and Windows 7 share the same DirectX 10 performance and given the fact the drivers for Windows 7 are far more stable than they ever were for Windows Vista, you can be sure of an overall better experience.

Of course I can’t say anything about DirectX 11 gaming performance because there isn’t any game title supporting Windows 7′s standard DirectX version out yet. But from my over all experience with Windows 7 and limited knowledge of DirectX 11, I’d say that the experience wouldn’t be a lot more faster than DirectX 10, because more work would be offloaded to the GPU.

For the sake of closing the article with one decisive recommendation, I have this to say: If gaming is your primary concern, then I would recommend you to wait instead of upgrading to Windows 7 right away if you are using Windows Vista of course. You won’t be able to play those very few DirectX 11 games but you’d get a far more greater choice for Dx11 GPUs around the first quarter of 2010. That would be the best time for gaming enthusiasts to upgrade.