image Or at least its browser, Mobile Safari. User Agent Switcher is a neat Firefox extension that switches your User Agent on the fly with the help of a drop down menu, making it easier to test web applications for desktop and mobile deployments from within Firefox.

You can change your browser’s agent on the fly and disguise it as any browser or web crawler you want. The default options include Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 along with iPhone OS 3.0. You can also choose to be a search engine crawler like GoogleBot, the MSNBot or the Yahoo Slurp.

You can also add your own agents like for the Android or the Pre Browser as well as Google Chrome or Opera (if you really want to).

One thing you should keep in mind though is that the underlying rendering engine would still be the same, i.e. Gekco 1.9.1. Interestingly, YouTube videos are rendered using the Flash Player 10 even when I set my user agent to iPhone OS 3.0.


Anyways its a good extension if you are a developer and don’t have mobile devices to test your web application or theme.

Download and Install User Agent Switcher