TwiTrans-logo If you are a social butterfly, then chances are that you would have a lot of contacts in a lot of different countries that speak a lot of different languages. Or you have to market your products to a geographic region that isn’t well accustomed to English. In either case, you may want to translate your outgoing message into another language, probably just to please the other user.

TwiTrans provides a simple way to make that happen. It will translate your tweets into a number of supported languages that you could post to your followers and friends. The advantage it has over other translation services like Google is that it uses OneHourTranslation to translate your messages. That is, your tweets are translated by actual humans, not just some robot AI that may break the context.

The idea is quite simple. You send a tweet to @twitrans with the language of the text and the language you want it translated to. The TwiTrans engine routes your tweets to OneHourTranslation who translate your messages and post them back to you. Since the translation is done by human translators, the context is preserved which is usually a problem with machine translation.

An example would be:

@twitrans en2fr @UzEE I can send tweets in French too now. Too bad you don’t understand it though!

This would translate the above tweet to French and post it to me. The idea here is great, the only problem is the time. Since the tweets are processed by human translators, they take a lot of time to get translated, which is a big hindrance to the success of this service. So unless they come up with enough resources to provide on the fly translation, this application wont appeal to most of the crowed who would still favor the much faster machine translation.