Remember Security Essentials – The free anti-malware program from Microsoft? Well Microsoft has just pushed out the beta version of Microsoft Security Essentials 2010 or Security Essentials 2.0 – whatever name you prefer....

Microsoft is all set to reveal the final version and name of its innovative gesture based control system, Project Natal for the Xbox 360 in two days at E3 2010. While we would finally all the details, including pricing and release dates for the Xbox 360 version, the PC version for Project Natal is still up in the air....

A friend of mine Manan, managed to get a sneak peak at an internal build of Zune Desktop software which is capable of syncing with Windows Phone 7 series devices – in this case, an ASUS Galaxy6. The current version of Zune desktop software (version 4.2) doesn’t sync with Windows Phones, though select indivi...

So you happen to be one of those poor souls who can’t run Windows 7 on their antique systems. Or you just like to wait before everyone else on the block is running it and PWNing you in the process. What ever the reason may be, there is still hope for you yet – you can transform your Windows XP or Windows ...

Windows 7 RTM not done yet

It seems that a lot of people are still pitching the leaked build 7600 as RTM. Microsoft had clearly stated on the Windows Team Blog that they haven’t yet signed the RTM build. So the build 7600 is just another leak, at best....

Android powered netbook still coming

While Google might have moved on with its plan to put Android on netbooks, at least one of Google’s “partners” still intends to do so. Acer would be launching an dual boot netbook running Android and Windows XP as early as August....

I live in a country which just adopted to Daylight Savings Time last year. Most time synchronization services and devices don’t recognize us as a DST observing country. Luckily, for Windows users, Microsoft has several ways to help you – one of which is its good old Time Zone Editor utility....

You’d run into a lot of Lifestreaming services these days. You know the ones that take your Tweets and your Flickr photo stream and mix them up with your Facebook news feed and Last.FM scrobbles. A lot of services let you do that now, and they come in all shapes and sizes, like FriendFeed fr example. Even though ...

Windows 7 beta and leaks certainly gained a wide popularity among the users. The sheer demand was enough to bring down Microsoft’s servers to their knees at the beta launch time. Though the official beta and the later builds of Windows 7 have shown exceptional stability (as far as a pre-release version is concern...

Windows 7 did cause quite an uproar in the PC world because it is an operating system to look forward to. Microsoft surprisingly unveiled the beta build 7000 for public download (after it had been leaked on torrents already). The response from the community was overwhelming enough to bring Microsoft’s download se...

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