LG Panther 2
Right after posting a demo video of LG Panther running Windows Phone 7, I stumbled upon another video posted by the same user earlier today – this time with a better camera and in HD....

LG Panther
While I don’t think the LG Panther would be one of the hottest Windows Phone 7 devices in development right now – it still is a satisfying experience seeing it running a basic walk-through of a newer build of the upcoming Windows Phone OS....

Just as Microsoft had promised, they have just launched the beta version of Windows Phone Developer Tools after releasing two CTP versions in March and April. The Beta version is almost feature complete and is compatible with the developer handsets Microsoft would start shipping next week....

Windows Phone 7 is still months from release but Microsoft made a pretty smart move making the Developer Tools available up early. Thanks to that, we are now seeing Apps rolling in already, like G:RSS – a Google Reader client for Windows Phone 7....

A friend of mine Manan, managed to get a sneak peak at an internal build of Zune Desktop software which is capable of syncing with Windows Phone 7 series devices – in this case, an ASUS Galaxy6. The current version of Zune desktop software (version 4.2) doesn’t sync with Windows Phones, though select indivi...

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