LG Panther 2
Right after posting a demo video of LG Panther running Windows Phone 7, I stumbled upon another video posted by the same user earlier today – this time with a better camera and in HD....

LG Panther
While I don’t think the LG Panther would be one of the hottest Windows Phone 7 devices in development right now – it still is a satisfying experience seeing it running a basic walk-through of a newer build of the upcoming Windows Phone OS....

My friend Taimur over at RedmondPie just shared a nice video walkthrough of the newly announced iPhone 4 running the iOS 4.0 (previously known as iPhone OS 4.0). The video demonstrates all the major features of the new iPhone including FaceTime, Multitasking and iMovie....

After teasing an iOS 4.0 jailbreak for the iPod Touch 2G last week, iH8sn0w just posted a video of native iOS 4.0 multitasking on the iPod Touch 2G. While this isn’t the final build of the iOS 4.0 (previously known as the iPhone OS 4.0), the video does show that the two year old iPod Touch can still do multitaski...

What would you do if your latest gadget didn’t have that awesome feature you craved for? If that question just left you blank then your only hope is that someone would come along one day and hack that feature right into the device....

Yesterday I shared Microsof t’s impression of 2019 exclusively to my RSS Readers (yeah I often share content exclusive to RSS Feeds so its a good idea to subscribe), and if you think that was pretty dreamy, then Intel is probably riding the Dreamway Express....

I have been working on Technopath HD for a while now. It is going to be the official video channel for the site. I was looking for a way to post videos from my blog into my Twitter time line when I ran into Bubble Tweet. Its not exactly what I wanted, but it is still working with Twitter and Videos....

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