Well this is a lot sooner than expected, but I just found out that Microsoft Kinect is now up for Pre-Order online at the Microsoft Store site. The $149 cost is pretty much inline with rumors and pretty reasonable in my opinion....

Microsoft was due to announce the official name (along with other details) of their motion sensitive input system for the Xbox 360 later today, though it looks like the leaks got the best of them. Project Natal for the Xbox 360 would apparently be named Microsoft Kinect, as per not one but two simultaneous leaks....

Microsoft is all set to reveal the final version and name of its innovative gesture based control system, Project Natal for the Xbox 360 in two days at E3 2010. While we would finally all the details, including pricing and release dates for the Xbox 360 version, the PC version for Project Natal is still up in the air....

Tokyo Games Show 09 is under way on the east side, and you can bet that we would get some new announcements for this years holiday season. So far the only big news had been Nintendo Wii’s price cut to $200 putting it in direct competition to the Xbox 360 Arcade....

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