You just have to love the Mac vs. PC wars that have been going on for some time now. Apple did a pretty good job of downplaying Windows Vista in their campaign. Microsoft apparently failed to respond with a strong counter argument about why to buy a PC. After a few misses like Gates/Seinfeld ads, and the mildly success...

2019: What Microsoft Believes

A lot may disagree with Microsoft and their views about the world, but I think everyone would agree that they are probably one of the most influential forces in the world of technology. Thanks to a huge market share, Microsoft has been successful in pushing their ideas to the world. And now they are attempting to paint...

Windows 7 did cause quite an uproar in the PC world because it is an operating system to look forward to. Microsoft surprisingly unveiled the beta build 7000 for public download (after it had been leaked on torrents already). The response from the community was overwhelming enough to bring Microsoft’s download se...

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