As a follow up to last week’s tutorial, I would now lay out possibly, the simplest guide to setup a dedicated Counter Strike Server managed by the AMX Mod X. It would be good to have some basic knowledge of Counter Strike, and Half Life plugins in general.

What are plugins by the way? Well in simple words plugins are little programs that reside between the Half Life engine and the game mod you are playing. It provides the functionality to dynamically load and unload content on the server. The most popular and the core plugin in use today is Metamod. Almost all popular plugins for server management require Metamod in order to work. Setting up Metamod explicitly isn’t required if you followed my previous tutorial. But if you don’t have Metamod installed, I suggest that you do that first before continuing.

There are many remote server management plugins available (including AdminMod, ClanMod and WebMod) but we will focus on the most powerful of them all, AMX Mod X. AMXX provides a lot more functionality than simple server management. It includes powerful plugins (its own plugins, not plugins of Metamod) and a scripting engine to make custom content. Most of the stuff you see in Half Life mods today, like Super Heroes or Zombie’s and stuff is because of AMXX.

You can download AMXX by downloading the all-in-one installer (direct link for 1.8.1). This automated installer will install the plugin for your mod. This is a two step installer. First phase will Install the AMX Mod X studio and the plug-in installer. Install it anywhere on your hard drive.

Once the installation is complete, the phase two installer would kick (If it doesn’t start automatically, goto Start > All Programs > AMX Mod X and click the AMX Mod X shortcut). This installer will install the plug-in to your mod. It presents you with 5 options to install. If you have followed the previous tutorial, then you want to setup a non-steam server. Choose Select Mod Directory and click continue. In the next window, select the folder for your HLDS, and the mod you want to install the plugin for (in this case Counter-Strike). Click next, and you are done.

By now you have a fully working AMX Mod X plugin installed for your Cstrike server. Test the installation buy starting the server, and type meta list in the console. It should say AMXX OK in the result list. If you have some suggestions, problems or comments, share them below and I will help you out.