project-natal-sensor-xboxThis would drop a bombshell on any other Operating System vendor out there right now. That’s right Xbox 360’s Big Gun would also work on the PC, and that too not only for games but for a totally new user experience. Says who? Mr. Bill Gates himself!

While giving an Interview to CNET, Microsoft’s Chairman said gave some more details about their newest innovation, Project Natal. He said:

I’d say a cool example of that, that you’ll see… in a little over a year, is this (depth) camera thing. [And its not just for games] but for media consumption as a whole, and even if they connect it up to Windows PCs for interacting in terms of meetings, and collaboration, and communication.

He revealed that Natal had born at Microsoft’s Research and is now being commercialized by the Windows and Xbox teams. He said what we can expect from that is nothing short of exciting:

The idea of how it can be used in the office is getting much more concrete and is pretty exciting.


Microsoft is constantly raising the bar with newer innovations in all its product lines. I can’t imagine any way for users to interact with their devices in such a way if they were running a Cloud based OS like Google Chrome, or even other desktops like Mac OS X.

I’m now really excited and eager to see how Natal would revolutionize the computing experience. What are your thoughts on that?