programmable-matterYesterday I shared Microsof t’s impression of 2019 exclusively to my RSS Readers (yeah I often share content exclusive to RSS Feeds so its a good idea to subscribe), and if you think that was pretty dreamy, then Intel is probably riding the Dreamway Express.

Back in September 2008, I shared an article on my old blog regarding a revolutionary new technology being researched by Intel. Sadly we didn’t have any working prototypes to help us understand that technology. But today, a CNN Video feature pretty much sets that concept in motion in a concept video.

The idea is to have an intelligent “matter”, which are microscopic glass spheres which have some processing power and can align themselves into almost any kind of shape imaginable. These small machines would be intelligent enough to react to touch and mold themselves into tangible objects like clay. Photovoltic cells embedded inside would enable them to take on any color you like.

While the physical existence of such a technology is pretty far away, the concept is pretty much implementable according to Intel researchers. The video pretty much describes the benefits and productivity of such a technology, that is generating concept models of complex objects according to one’s imagination. As interesting this technology may be, I can’t help thinking about the dark side here, Intelligent Matter that is capable of thinking and shifting shapes on its own? More like a technological apocalypse.