One of the core features of Web 3.0 would be seamless access of content on mobile devices. As the mobile broadband technology matures, more and more people access the internet from their smartphones and PDAs. While most services are introducing mobile versions (The Technopath is also available for all mobile devices! j...

Google has started out rolling a whole lot of services for the Mobile. It seems like it shares Microsoft’s vision to unify the desktop and the mobile platform to give users a streamlined experience. Besides we are slowly transitioning towards Web 3.0, which features Ubiquitous access from any device....

Will the World End this Friday?

Ok let me start by clearing the fact that I am not superstitious at all. In fact I laugh at the face of people think like that, and I’m proud of it. No broken mirrors, black cats or leaning ladders upset me. And yeah not even a Friday 13th. But tie it up with something related to computers, and I’m sold....

Almost every major cellphone platform out there now has some sort of online application storefront set up thanks to the fad started by Apple. The reason? It is a whole lot more convenient to buy (if there are any prices) an application from a universal catalog than to go to the website of each and every publisher. Why ...

Windows 7 did cause quite an uproar in the PC world because it is an operating system to look forward to. Microsoft surprisingly unveiled the beta build 7000 for public download (after it had been leaked on torrents already). The response from the community was overwhelming enough to bring Microsoft’s download se...

I have been working on Technopath HD for a while now. It is going to be the official video channel for the site. I was looking for a way to post videos from my blog into my Twitter time line when I ran into Bubble Tweet. Its not exactly what I wanted, but it is still working with Twitter and Videos....

Is Tweetree a Twitter done right?

Ok before you go off bashing me, that why did I dare say that Twitter isn’t done right, let me rephrase that tittle: “Is Tweetree a Twitter interface done right?”...

One of the most exciting things about Gmail is the Labs, which continue to add new functionality to the number one webmail service in the world. Almost every other day a new Labs feature is released for us to try out, adding more productivity (or fun) to our daily email tasks....

In line with all the reviews of some Twitter based web applications, I decided to try out some different flavored Twitter application, and I stumbled upon MyTweetSpace....

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