Gmail Labs: Undo Send emails in Gmail

Ever sent an email only to regret it later? Yeah it does happen to a lot of people. Some times by accident and sometimes its just that because you are too high. Gmail did introduce a new feature a while back called Mail Goggles that did try to add an extra level of obstruction in sending those accidental emails but tha...

I’m sure that no one would question Gmail as the best free web mail service in the world by now. In fact it beats a lot of premium mail services too with innovative solutions like Google Apps. But the biggest selling point of Gmail is the constant trickle of new and innovative features you get in the Gmail Labs s...

Download Firefox 3.5 Beta 3

If you use the internet for more than just email then chances are that you might have noticed the recent pickup in the Web Browser market. Google Chrome just hit version 2 a couple of weeks ago, followed by new pre-release versions of Opera and Safari. Even Microsoft hinted towards developing a new browser technology....

Every other day I run into someone who is asking this question, and has little luck finding a simple answer. A lot of people easily get intimidated by this too. A couple of years back, I used to be the admin of one of the most populated servers around here, so I decided to share my knowledge and do a series of posts th...

What would you do if your latest gadget didn’t have that awesome feature you craved for? If that question just left you blank then your only hope is that someone would come along one day and hack that feature right into the device....

The Pirate Bay sunk at last?

Every Tuesday morning, we here at this part of the world gear up to download the latest episodes of our favorite TV shows. Well today, most of these people are in for a surprise because The Pirate Bay is down. I realized this when most of my EZTV RSS Feeds weren’t working today (though I’m not sure if the p...

Yesterday I shared Microsof t’s impression of 2019 exclusively to my RSS Readers (yeah I often share content exclusive to RSS Feeds so its a good idea to subscribe), and if you think that was pretty dreamy, then Intel is probably riding the Dreamway Express....

2019: What Microsoft Believes

A lot may disagree with Microsoft and their views about the world, but I think everyone would agree that they are probably one of the most influential forces in the world of technology. Thanks to a huge market share, Microsoft has been successful in pushing their ideas to the world. And now they are attempting to paint...

Being true to the rumors, Nokia today announced its own App store, termed the Nokia Ovi Store at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Even though Nokia got into the game pretty late compared to rest of the competition, it has a pretty good chance of even beating the Apple App store. Now most fan boys would start to ...

NVIDIA Tegra to power Android

The NVIDIA Tegra system-on-a-chip has been generating a lot of buzz in the Mobile industry as it posses to be a solid competition to the ARM which currently dominates the market. Tegra platform can power anything from Smartphones and GPS Navigators to Mobile Internet Devices and Netbooks, though everything had been foc...

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