Gmail Labs: Embed images in Gmail

One of the most basic features of email finally make there way into Gmail as well. You can now easily embed images in your email messages; without having to go through any hassle. The functionality had been there in Yahoo! and Hotmail for years now, and I wonder why Gmail was left behind. The feature comes to Gmail as ...

The TwitTrend is spreading like wildfire these days. Every other person you bump into would be tweeting that he has actually stepped out of his home today, or if he’s any geekier, he would tweet with a GeoTag to his exact coordinates....

There is a lot of debate going on about Macs versus PCs right now thanks to Microsoft’s successful assault on Apple’s prices. Mac users all around the world are trying to justify the ridiculously high priced machines even at these tough economic times. Don’t worry Apple fanboys, Prakaz, a proud Mac us...

You’d run into a lot of Lifestreaming services these days. You know the ones that take your Tweets and your Flickr photo stream and mix them up with your Facebook news feed and Last.FM scrobbles. A lot of services let you do that now, and they come in all shapes and sizes, like FriendFeed fr example. Even though ...

You just have to love the Mac vs. PC wars that have been going on for some time now. Apple did a pretty good job of downplaying Windows Vista in their campaign. Microsoft apparently failed to respond with a strong counter argument about why to buy a PC. After a few misses like Gates/Seinfeld ads, and the mildly success...

Facebook agrees to fix the redesign

Millions of people complained in the past couple of weeks when Facebook launched a new layout for its home page. The new design broke away from the previously popular two column layout in favor of a three column version which was in ways similar to the old version of Facebook. While I love most aspects of the new desi...

OnLive makes Cloud Gaming possible

Ever wanted to play games like Crysis or Gears of War on $300 rig? I’m talking about high definition graphics all turned up to the bleeding edge. If that’s been your long unanswered prayer, then OnLive, a cloud gaming startup may have an answer for you....

Windows 7 beta and leaks certainly gained a wide popularity among the users. The sheer demand was enough to bring down Microsoft’s servers to their knees at the beta launch time. Though the official beta and the later builds of Windows 7 have shown exceptional stability (as far as a pre-release version is concern...

As a follow up to last week’s tutorial, I would now lay out possibly, the simplest guide to setup a dedicated Counter Strike Server managed by the AMX Mod X. It would be good to have some basic knowledge of Counter Strike, and Half Life plugins in general....

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