Office 2010 Beta Download

Update 3: Office 2010 RC (Release Candidate) is now available for download....

Windows 7 RTM Build 7600 leaked?

There seems to be a lot of buzz going around right now that Windows 7 has finally hit RTM. Not only that, the latest build has already been leaked onto the inter webs. The build string says that the version was compiled on July 10, 2009 -  which seems to be on par with Microsoft’s schedule....

Download Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Beta 4

Its not officially out yet, but you can still download Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Beta 4, which is due for an official release next week. We are getting closer to the new stable version, which would bring a brand new JavaScript engine along with In private (porn) browsing mode. The latest release features a new Privacy dialog...

Following the footsteps of Hulu, YouTube is now also set to roll out full length TV Shows and Movies for US residents. YouTube has partnered with several networks and studios, including MGM, Lionsgate, Discovery, CBS (and many more), in order to bring a wide array of titles available for streaming. The downside here i...

I live in a country which just adopted to Daylight Savings Time last year. Most time synchronization services and devices don’t recognize us as a DST observing country. Luckily, for Windows users, Microsoft has several ways to help you – one of which is its good old Time Zone Editor utility....

Engadget recently stumbled upon images of a possible new portable media player by Microsoft, which we now refer to as the Zune HD. The images, though rendered are believed to be authentic which pretty much reflect the new product in the Zune line of media players. The interesting thing about this Zune is the HD that ap...

A lot of web based screencast services have sprouted recently. That’s not because there is a lack of good desktop screencasting applications – its because of usability. Web Services don’t need to be installed and are usually quite straight forward to use....

Ever wanted the Facial Recognition technology used by the FBI at your finger tips? Well that dream is a little hard to satisfy, but what I can give you is’s Photo Finder – a Facial Recognition tool for Facebook....

MySpace has long been rubbing it in that if it were a country, it would be the 5th largest in the world with a population somewhere between 200-250 million. Facebook isn’t that far behind either, which also hit the 200 million mark recently. But what if I tell you that the largest online community in the world is...

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