This would drop a bombshell on any other Operating System vendor out there right now. That’s right Xbox 360’s Big Gun would also work on the PC, and that too not only for games but for a totally new user experience. Says who? Mr. Bill Gates himself!...

What is Windows Azure?

My friend Imran Hussain shared an excellent video he found on Windows Azure which really helped me understand it better. I really have a lot of questions about this cloud computing paradigm and how it can help me make better products. Thanks to this video below, I have an idea now. Its informative and creative at the s...

Not a long time ago, I created an application project in my image processing code, that hid data and other images inside an image. Something not very unique, in fact anyone with some image processing knowledge can do that....

Office 2010 Feature: Protected View

I stumbled upon a rather interesting feature while messing around with the Office 2010 Technical Preview. Its called Protected View which kicks in automatically when you open a document that came from an outside source, like the Internet. A good measure I must say, which would protect your system from ...

Windows 7 RTM not done yet

It seems that a lot of people are still pitching the leaked build 7600 as RTM. Microsoft had clearly stated on the Windows Team Blog that they haven’t yet signed the RTM build. So the build 7600 is just another leak, at best....

One of the biggest changes in the latest version of Office is the new Back Stage view which replaces the Office menu you saw in Office 2007. Back Stage view gives you an at a glance overview of the entire document, and provides a richer editing experience....

One of the most interesting features of Office 2010 to is the new animated splash screen with the cancel loading button – a first I’ve seen for almost any application I remember. This is extremely useful for those times when you accidentally launch an application and need to close it instantly without hav...

Post long tweets with TwitterContd

Twitter is popular for its 140 character post format, which we now refer to as Micro blogging. This is the single most appealing thing for me on Twitter – to share my thoughts in just 140 characters and in essence, save a lot of time. Apparently, some people have difficulties doing that, and require a few more c...

Android powered netbook still coming

While Google might have moved on with its plan to put Android on netbooks, at least one of Google’s “partners” still intends to do so. Acer would be launching an dual boot netbook running Android and Windows XP as early as August....

Do you rely to much on torrents? Are they the reason of you high bandwidth bills? Then you aren’t alone. The vast majority of internet users rely on torrents for there daily file sharing needs. The Pirate Bay has been a popular tracker for torrents for a couple of years now. In fact it is the single largest tor...

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