image Okay most of you would be wondering why I write about piracy so much? Well the answer is really complicated and I’d address the issue at some later time. But for now, lets just enjoy this song by Dan Bull – a UK based musician, file sharer and fan of Lilly Allen.

The song is actually an open letter to Lilly Allen discussing her recent streak against File Sharers and Piracy as a whole, supporting the recent Anti-piracy efforts by various organizations. Even though the theme is serious, the song is quite amusing and I thought it would be fun to ‘share’. Jump on after the break to watch the video.

Lilly Allen has been acting weird and silly and even announced to end her musical career all because of piracy. Still the industry has found out ways to counter the apparent losses, which include taking file sharers to court and suing them for massive amounts.

Anyways if you like the song, you can legally download it for free. TorrentFreak have the links and more details.