Facebook applications are the new thing these days, and those (annoying) Quiz applications hold the largest percentage of all applications available out there. But you hardly see any of these applications which have some real value, until now that is.

Mozilla’s Security Quiz is the first Facebook quiz application that actually does something useful. The application asks the user five basic questions about Internet Security, and ranks your knowledge based on them. Interestingly, the application also serves as a security and privacy guideline for developers who design quiz applications because this app doesn’t ask for or store any personal information on your Facebook profile – not even your name.

This is probably the first time I’ve seen a Facebook application taking user privacy so seriously. You can publish your results to your news feed if you like, because that’s the only way to let your friends know about the application.

I hope someone from Facebook is keeping an eye on this little app and decide to make such privacy and security practices mandatory for all applications – but I guess they would just prefer selling our personal information to advertisers for some cash.