microsoft_linux_windows_tux Not one but two incidents of Microsoft releasing source code to the public have been reported in the past 36 hours, which makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with Microsoft?

Now before all the OSS community starts bashing me around, let me clarify that I’m not against Open Source software. In fact, I also sometimes contribute to the community one way or the other. With this disclaimer out of the way, lets continue with the original article.

The reason for my concerns is the fact that most people from the Open Source community have always been against Microsoft and everything they stand for. True this isn’t the first time Microsoft contributed to the community (apart from the Linux drivers), the long term reactions would be the same. Microsoft would still be the big bad wolf for these people.

As for the released codes themselves, one was a Live@Edu plug in for moodle while the other was driver codes for Linux (to enhance its compatibility with Hyper-V). Even though both releases actually did benefit Microsoft, the Open Source community would still end up as the bigger gainer here.

You can also watch the video about the Linux device driver code release here. Sorry I couldn’t embed it here as the open source WordPress doesn’t support Silverlight.