Right after posting a demo video of LG Panther running Windows Phone 7, I stumbled upon another video posted by the same user earlier today – this time with a better camera and in HD.

This new video does put my doubts regarding LG Panther made out of liquid plastic to rest thanks to a much more stable frame rate. From the YouTube video description translated via Google:

According to numerous requests from colleagues – improved quality and a small restructuring of my previous webcast, filmed not on the webcam and the camera HD.

Right from the start you’d notice that the UI is much more polished and responsive since we are getting close to a final build. Switching in and out of apps and pages is smooth as well and now since Microsoft have disabled application backgrounding in the latest build, phones shouldn’t get bogged down after prolonged usage. The video also shows Calendar and Message applications in action along with notifications, and I also noticed three new apps (Stocks, Translator and Unit Converter) in the Programs list but they just might be 3rd party apps to test on the device.

I still couldn’t help noticing the slight lag in the People’s Hub when data had to be pulled from the network but that can most probably be an issue with the poor reception in the area.