gmail-labs-logoEver sent an email only to regret it later? Yeah it does happen to a lot of people. Some times by accident and sometimes its just that because you are too high. Gmail did introduce a new feature a while back called Mail Goggles that did try to add an extra level of obstruction in sending those accidental emails but that method also had its limitations.

In another attempt to facilitate our troubled lives, Gmail Labs introduced Undo capability in the mail service, that lets you Undo a sent mail in case you change your mind after hitting that send button.


Though it isn’t only limited to that particular reason. Your mind may actually wander away and you accidentally hit the send button before attaching that VERY important document, and if you are anything like me; you would repeat that very same mistake at least two or three more times before actually attaching the document and finally send it.


We all know that it isn’t really possible to delete/undo every message once we send it, but the Gmail Labs team believes that even a 5 second window is more than enough for second thoughts and reacting to them. So what this new feature actually does is that it holds your email once you hit the send button for five seconds before it actually sends it giving you a chance to regain your consciousness and attach those pesky files. This feature backed with the new ability to embed content from a couple of popular Web 2.0 services directly in your email, you get a whole new elevated level of productivity that wasn’t possible before.