technopath-betaI’ve been working on this idea for quite some time now, about 4 months to be exact. I have been blogging for a while now, and I am earning a quite steadily too. But I wanted to experiment more, and try out something new with a different perspective. And that’s why I started working out on The Technopath project.

The Technopath will not just be a blog, rather it would be a whole portal based on some well established technologies today. The back-end will be running on WordPress no doubt, but I will also be adding custom functionality, to give this site a rich user experience. As the name implies, this site would revolve around the world of technology because this is what interests me, and more importantly, this is something I can share most knowledge on. I would however like to point out, that I won’t be following the general blogging approach here. In fact I am going to experiment something totally different and try to introduce interactivity into the content.Most of the time, I would be reviewing web applications and software here, sharing along tips and hacks to get most of what we use everyday. I would also be focusing on important news and developments in the industry, though with my very own perspective detailing my own point of view. Gadgets would be another major feature here, and since I’m in love with most Apple products, you can expect to find a good amount of articles on the iPod or the iPhone including App reviews.

In the coming weeks I will be launching new features and integrate them with the current design (which I have designed from scratch). I should also point out that the site is still in development, and most features would primarily be released for (and fully compatible with) Firefox. Chrome and Safari tweaks would be a day or two behind, while I develop some work around to the limitations in Internet Explorer. I’ll try my best to keep the design and user interface simple and clean. Oh and if you don’t like anything about it, feel free to drop me a line via comments or email.

I think this is enough introduction for the site, and you will learn more about it once you start following it. Oh and in case anyone is wondering, the name is inspired from Heroes (I love that series).