Google-Chrome-Hi-Res-Logo Remember the Google Chrome 5 Developer Release we posted about earlier? Well that particular version has just seen a minor upgrade. The missing content options under Tools > Options > Under the hood > Content Settings… have now been added.

The new options let you control which sites are allowed the use of certain content like Cookies, Images, JavaScript, Plugins and Popups. You can create allow and deny settings on a per-site basis allowing you increased control over your web-browsing experience.


There’s also a hotlink to Adobe Flash Player’s Storage Settings where you can set the maximum disk space allowed for Flash content. You can also view websites which are storing Flash data on your computer along with the data they store.


Together these new features add a lot of Value to an already superb browsing experience. Of course these new features might not attract the average user, but in corporate and more restricted environments, like schools and libraries, fine control over the content are a must have.