Firefox may not have been quick enough to adapt the Jumplists feature in Windows 7 like Google Chrome, but there’s one piece of functionality the development team is really interested in – Windows 7 Multitouch.

I stumbled upon a video (embedded below) of how Firefox handles Multitouch in various scenarios you may encounter in a web app. A couple of demos are shown with some common testing samples which highlight the features of the new Multitouch API for DOM being built into Gecko. These includes simple games, cropping an image and the regular pinch and zoom to resize.

One thing you could notice in this Minefield build compiled on August 17 is that it still doesn’t show any traces of the mockups we had seen, which left me in doubt whether the new UI would ever show up before Firefox 4.

Anyways here is the video and yeah do share your comments on how you think Multitouch would help you in a desktop browser.