windows7600rtm As we are getting close to the Windows 7 RTM, numerous builds are being touted as final. The only common grounds between them are the build number – 7600. It seems like Microsoft has decided to name the final build as 7600, which kind of reminds me of Windows XP build 2600! Anyways.

There is still no confirmation if this indeed would be the final, though we haven’t seen any build compiled after July 13 yet. As always, I won’t be posting up any download links until we are sure but you can do a search for the following release strings on your favorite trackers:


Note: I don’t recommend that you install any of these builds yet. And that is because they still aren’t verified as RTM plus you won’t be able to Activate them with the Beta and RC product keys. You would have to wait until October 22 to get your retail product keys.

[via Redmond Pie]