2019: What Microsoft Believes

A lot may disagree with Microsoft and their views about the world, but I think everyone would agree that they are probably one of the most influential forces in the world of technology. Thanks to a huge market share, Microsoft has been successful in pushing their ideas to the world. And now they are attempting to paint...

Google has started out rolling a whole lot of services for the Mobile. It seems like it shares Microsoft’s vision to unify the desktop and the mobile platform to give users a streamlined experience. Besides we are slowly transitioning towards Web 3.0, which features Ubiquitous access from any device....

The amount of buzz the smartphone industry is generating these days is phenomenal, even in these economic crisis. We have already seen some of the major players for this year, which include the Palm Pre, and HTC Android G2. Besides that there are strong rumors about a new generation iPhone coming out this year....

No web savvy user really needs an introduction to Google Earth. If you have ever used the internet for more than just email and chat, then chances are that you have heard or seen Google Maps, and its cousin, Google Earth. But still for those who don’t know, it is a virtual globe, that lets you see maps in 3D (tha...

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