From the latest wind of rumors out on the internet, The Wall Street Journal, AdAge and a number of other sources are reporting that Microsoft Yahoo! search deal has been signed and the announcement would come later today. Though we don’t know the exact parameters of the deal, WSJ had this to say:...

The Pirate Bay sunk at last?

Every Tuesday morning, we here at this part of the world gear up to download the latest episodes of our favorite TV shows. Well today, most of these people are in for a surprise because The Pirate Bay is down. I realized this when most of my EZTV RSS Feeds weren’t working today (though I’m not sure if the p...

Almost every major cellphone platform out there now has some sort of online application storefront set up thanks to the fad started by Apple. The reason? It is a whole lot more convenient to buy (if there are any prices) an application from a universal catalog than to go to the website of each and every publisher. Why ...

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