Firefox may not have been quick enough to adapt the Jumplists feature in Windows 7 like Google Chrome, but there’s one piece of functionality the development team is really interested in – Windows 7 Multitouch....

According to my knowledge, a major version change occurs when there are major changes or additions to a software. But the Chromium project seems to disagree as they just jumped to version and the only additions they have from version is Bookmarks Syncing to your Google Docs....

Why Internet Explorer 6 can’t die

Its funny I’m writing on something I was talking against just 3 days ago. At a presentation I was giving at a local event last Saturday, I said that Internet Explorer (6 & 7) are dead as a browser because they lack web standards and make our (well at least us developers’) lives hard....

The latest developer build of Google Chrome gets Jumplist support in Windows 7 – and that too against all my expectations. I was hoping that the recently released Firefox 3.6 Alpha 1 would have Jumplists support before any other browser like Google Chrome, Opera or Safari – but I guess I was asking for t...

Ok so I like promoting Firefox – maybe that’s because I don’t support Internet Explorer 6 and 7 or just because Firefox is a better browser overall....

Firefox crosses 1 billion downloads

It makes me proud to be a member of Spread Firefox team today. Firefox has crossed the 1 billion downloads hallmark which includes every release. The browser was the first big challenge to Internet Explorer’s rein as the most dominant browser and after about 7 years of struggle has managed to gain around 30% of ...

I ran into a really neat feature in Internet Explorer 8 today which makes lousy Flash Ad supported sites incredibly bearable. That is specially helpful for those who are on low power computers like Netbooks, where loosely programmed Flash ads can really become resource hogs. The trick? Internet Explorer’s built...

Download Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Beta 4

Its not officially out yet, but you can still download Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Beta 4, which is due for an official release next week. We are getting closer to the new stable version, which would bring a brand new JavaScript engine along with In private (porn) browsing mode. The latest release features a new Privacy dialog...

Download Firefox 3.5 Beta 3

If you use the internet for more than just email then chances are that you might have noticed the recent pickup in the Web Browser market. Google Chrome just hit version 2 a couple of weeks ago, followed by new pre-release versions of Opera and Safari. Even Microsoft hinted towards developing a new browser technology....

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