Or at least its browser, Mobile Safari. User Agent Switcher is a neat Firefox extension that switches your User Agent on the fly with the help of a drop down menu, making it easier to test web applications for desktop and mobile deployments from within Firefox....

Not a long time ago, I created an application project in my image processing code, that hid data and other images inside an image. Something not very unique, in fact anyone with some image processing knowledge can do that....

Post long tweets with TwitterContd

Twitter is popular for its 140 character post format, which we now refer to as Micro blogging. This is the single most appealing thing for me on Twitter – to share my thoughts in just 140 characters and in essence, save a lot of time. Apparently, some people have difficulties doing that, and require a few more c...

Download Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Beta 4

Its not officially out yet, but you can still download Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Beta 4, which is due for an official release next week. We are getting closer to the new stable version, which would bring a brand new JavaScript engine along with In private (porn) browsing mode. The latest release features a new Privacy dialog...

A lot of web based screencast services have sprouted recently. That’s not because there is a lack of good desktop screencasting applications – its because of usability. Web Services don’t need to be installed and are usually quite straight forward to use....

Ever wanted the Facial Recognition technology used by the FBI at your finger tips? Well that dream is a little hard to satisfy, but what I can give you is Face.com’s Photo Finder – a Facial Recognition tool for Facebook....

Gmail Labs: Embed images in Gmail

One of the most basic features of email finally make there way into Gmail as well. You can now easily embed images in your email messages; without having to go through any hassle. The functionality had been there in Yahoo! and Hotmail for years now, and I wonder why Gmail was left behind. The feature comes to Gmail as ...

The TwitTrend is spreading like wildfire these days. Every other person you bump into would be tweeting that he has actually stepped out of his home today, or if he’s any geekier, he would tweet with a GeoTag to his exact coordinates....

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