Nokia Lumia 925 Review

The very definition of a perfect smartphone is a moving target. Just when you think the conversation is about pixel density, the focus suddenly shifts towards screen size. You settle for camera optics as the prime differentiator and someone swoops in with a brand new 64-bit architecture and jaw breaking performance to ...

The Nokia Lumia 710

Nokia Lumia 710
Almost one year ago, Nokia released the first two devices in their newly christened Lumia line – beginning their attempt to regain the smartphone crown in close partnership with Microsoft. While Espoo’s finest were released in a number of key markets simultaneously, the world wide launch had been staggere...

After releasing the first beta version of Firefox 4 about three weeks ago, Mozilla have a new beta build ready for release. This new release packs over a dozen new features and is actually considered safe for day to day browsing tasks despite being a beta build....

Download Firefox 4 Beta 1

Mozilla is finally set to roll out the first Beta build of the next major Firefox version – Mozilla Firefox 4.0. In fact, a candidate build for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux is already out and available for download on Mozilla’s FTP servers....

More Microsoft action today as the Internet Explorer development team pushed out the third Platform Preview demo for Windows Internet Explorer 9 (yeah I know Microsoft needs to hire someone to work on their branding strategy)....

Windows Phone 7 is still months from release but Microsoft made a pretty smart move making the Developer Tools available up early. Thanks to that, we are now seeing Apps rolling in already, like G:RSS – a Google Reader client for Windows Phone 7....

Another day, another Google Chrome Developer Channel update – version 6.0.422.0. Though its just a minor update from the previous version, it does bring one major addition to my current browser of choice – native support for VP8 video and the new WebM media container by Google....

Mozilla have seeded the Firefox 3.6.4 release candidate to testers who had opted in to the beta testing process. The release candidate version addresses a number of issues discovered in the previous beta build of the browser, and according to the official release notes, over 200 bugs have been fixed for this release....

Remember the Google Chrome 5 Developer Release we posted about earlier? Well that particular version has just seen a minor upgrade. The missing content options under Tools > Options > Under the hood > Content Settings… have now been added....

The developer channel of Google Chrome today pushed out a new major version again, Google Chrome 5. Just like the previous version update, there seems to be no major new features, yet Google has decided to update the major build number....

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