Facebook agrees to fix the redesign

Millions of people complained in the past couple of weeks when Facebook launched a new layout for its home page. The new design broke away from the previously popular two column layout in favor of a three column version which was in ways similar to the old version of Facebook. While I love most aspects of the new desi...

OnLive makes Cloud Gaming possible

Ever wanted to play games like Crysis or Gears of War on $300 rig? I’m talking about high definition graphics all turned up to the bleeding edge. If that’s been your long unanswered prayer, then OnLive, a cloud gaming startup may have an answer for you....

The Pirate Bay sunk at last?

Every Tuesday morning, we here at this part of the world gear up to download the latest episodes of our favorite TV shows. Well today, most of these people are in for a surprise because The Pirate Bay is down. I realized this when most of my EZTV RSS Feeds weren’t working today (though I’m not sure if the p...

NVIDIA Tegra to power Android

The NVIDIA Tegra system-on-a-chip has been generating a lot of buzz in the Mobile industry as it posses to be a solid competition to the ARM which currently dominates the market. Tegra platform can power anything from Smartphones and GPS Navigators to Mobile Internet Devices and Netbooks, though everything had been foc...

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