This would drop a bombshell on any other Operating System vendor out there right now. That’s right Xbox 360’s Big Gun would also work on the PC, and that too not only for games but for a totally new user experience. Says who? Mr. Bill Gates himself!...

What is Windows Azure?

My friend Imran Hussain shared an excellent video he found on Windows Azure which really helped me understand it better. I really have a lot of questions about this cloud computing paradigm and how it can help me make better products. Thanks to this video below, I have an idea now. Its informative and creative at the s...

Windows 7 RTM not done yet

It seems that a lot of people are still pitching the leaked build 7600 as RTM. Microsoft had clearly stated on the Windows Team Blog that they haven’t yet signed the RTM build. So the build 7600 is just another leak, at best....

Windows 7 RTM Build 7600 leaked?

There seems to be a lot of buzz going around right now that Windows 7 has finally hit RTM. Not only that, the latest build has already been leaked onto the inter webs. The build string says that the version was compiled on July 10, 2009 -  which seems to be on par with Microsoft’s schedule....

I live in a country which just adopted to Daylight Savings Time last year. Most time synchronization services and devices don’t recognize us as a DST observing country. Luckily, for Windows users, Microsoft has several ways to help you – one of which is its good old Time Zone Editor utility....

Windows 7 beta and leaks certainly gained a wide popularity among the users. The sheer demand was enough to bring down Microsoft’s servers to their knees at the beta launch time. Though the official beta and the later builds of Windows 7 have shown exceptional stability (as far as a pre-release version is concern...

Windows 7 did cause quite an uproar in the PC world because it is an operating system to look forward to. Microsoft surprisingly unveiled the beta build 7000 for public download (after it had been leaked on torrents already). The response from the community was overwhelming enough to bring Microsoft’s download se...

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