I live in a country which just adopted to Daylight Savings Time last year. Most time synchronization services and devices don’t recognize us as a DST observing country. Luckily, for Windows users, Microsoft has several ways to help you – one of which is its good old Time Zone Editor utility....

Windows 7 beta and leaks certainly gained a wide popularity among the users. The sheer demand was enough to bring down Microsoft’s servers to their knees at the beta launch time. Though the official beta and the later builds of Windows 7 have shown exceptional stability (as far as a pre-release version is concern...

As a follow up to last week’s tutorial, I would now lay out possibly, the simplest guide to setup a dedicated Counter Strike Server managed by the AMX Mod X. It would be good to have some basic knowledge of Counter Strike, and Half Life plugins in general....

Every other day I run into someone who is asking this question, and has little luck finding a simple answer. A lot of people easily get intimidated by this too. A couple of years back, I used to be the admin of one of the most populated servers around here, so I decided to share my knowledge and do a series of posts th...

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