Making of an AMD CPU [Video]

Remember last week when I shared a presentation detailing how Intel manufactures it processors? Well it looks like AMD were quick to respond by sharing a video of their own....

The Android Community got their hands on an unlocked HTC Hero, a little earlier. Though the device would be launching pretty soon in Europe, it would take a while before finding its way around the rest of the world....

This would drop a bombshell on any other Operating System vendor out there right now. That’s right Xbox 360’s Big Gun would also work on the PC, and that too not only for games but for a totally new user experience. Says who? Mr. Bill Gates himself!...

Android powered netbook still coming

While Google might have moved on with its plan to put Android on netbooks, at least one of Google’s “partners” still intends to do so. Acer would be launching an dual boot netbook running Android and Windows XP as early as August....

Engadget recently stumbled upon images of a possible new portable media player by Microsoft, which we now refer to as the Zune HD. The images, though rendered are believed to be authentic which pretty much reflect the new product in the Zune line of media players. The interesting thing about this Zune is the HD that ap...

What would you do if your latest gadget didn’t have that awesome feature you craved for? If that question just left you blank then your only hope is that someone would come along one day and hack that feature right into the device....

Being true to the rumors, Nokia today announced its own App store, termed the Nokia Ovi Store at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Even though Nokia got into the game pretty late compared to rest of the competition, it has a pretty good chance of even beating the Apple App store. Now most fan boys would start to ...

NVIDIA Tegra to power Android

The NVIDIA Tegra system-on-a-chip has been generating a lot of buzz in the Mobile industry as it posses to be a solid competition to the ARM which currently dominates the market. Tegra platform can power anything from Smartphones and GPS Navigators to Mobile Internet Devices and Netbooks, though everything had been foc...

Almost every major cellphone platform out there now has some sort of online application storefront set up thanks to the fad started by Apple. The reason? It is a whole lot more convenient to buy (if there are any prices) an application from a universal catalog than to go to the website of each and every publisher. Why ...

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