Taggable photos have taken Facebook by storm. More often than not, you’d find your name on the face of Master Yoda or Mr. Burns or even on Playboy models (has happened, believe me). And you know what happens next – You start getting lots of comment notification emails from Random people you don’t even know, you end up wasting most of your time checking your notifications, your boss then fires you, your girlfriend leaves you and your thrown out of your home/apartment, Martian plants erupt from Earth’s core and have long elastic vines that climb inside your body from the behind and RIP your lungs out and – Ok maybe I exaggerated a little. Its not that bad, they don’t actually rip out your lungs, they just plant their seeds in them.

Anyways I’m sure most of you wouldn’t want that to happen. And the one easy way to stop it is to kill photo notification emails once and for all. But that would be a little too extreme in my opinion because you don’t always get SPAM. You also get some comments and tags on those old moments shared by your friends when life was much more simple and fun. So here is my tip on how you can eliminate the comment SPAM without compromising the genuine stuff.

Facebook Photos Settings Go to the Photos Application on Facebook and hover over the Settings menu (Don’t click it). Select Photos Settings from the dropdown menu.

You’d see the the Edit Photos Settings dialog box. If you don’t then you really need to consider getting a more recent web browser. Just click the yellow bar you see on the top to download one.

Since we only want block a certain subset of photo notifications, we have to make our selections carefully. Click the Additional Permissions tab and uncheck Comments on a photo of me. Just hit the okay button after that.

No Photo Spam

What we have done here is that we restricted the Photo Comment emails by allowing Facebook to send us email only when we comment on a Photo first. So if you do get tagged on a SPAM photo, just don’t comment on it. You’d be safe from all those notification emails.

As for those who are also annoyed by those Red icons in the bottom right, just hide all Facebook Notifications by the Photos Application. And if you happen to have better ways of solving this problem, then please do share in comments below or post a link to the resource.