bubble-tweet-logoI have been working on Technopath HD for a while now. It is going to be the official video channel for the site. I was looking for a way to post videos from my blog into my Twitter time line when I ran into Bubble Tweet. Its not exactly what I wanted, but it is still working with Twitter and Videos.

Bubble Tweet claims to add Videos to your Twitter profile, called bubble messages. They are 30 second video clips that appear on a side when someone visits your profile. Unfortunately, this isn’t what actually happens.


The screen shot shows the Twitter profile of a person with a video embedded in it. What Bubble Tweet does is that it makes a clone of your entire Twitter profile on its own page and embed the video there. The video starts playing as soon as someone lands on the page, after which the user is redirected to the actual Twitter profile (on the Twitter website).

So if someone were to come directly on your Twitter Profile, they wouldn’t see the video (they wouldn’t even have a clue of its existence). Nevertheless you have the option of uploading a video (320×240 – 30 sec max) or record your own from the webcam. The experience isn’t smooth though, specially if you have a lot of processes running in the background, you may experience instability in the system.

From the looks of things, Bubble Tweet appears to be headed in the wrong direction unless they stop the false advertisement.