A lot may disagree with Microsoft and their views about the world, but I think everyone would agree that they are probably one of the most influential forces in the world of technology. Thanks to a huge market share, Microsoft has been successful in pushing their ideas to the world. And now they are attempting to paint the future.

I ran into a very much interesting video on istartedsomething today, which was originally posted on the Office Labs blog.

Pretty much a tech fantasy, but if I know anything about the Silicon Valley, it has all the resources you need to turn that dream into a reality. Just imagine a world where students could interact with classmates which are thousands of miles apart. Or that digital newspaper capable of aggregating all your RSS and news feeds (if they still exist that is).

Microsoft has already started off in that direction with its Surface, and from the looks of things everything would heavily rely on Multi-touch. What I would like to see is how Apple would react to this, as it has been awarded the Multi-touch patent. Or maybe Apple would become the next Microsoft by licensing the technology in exchange for royalty fees.

But in any case, if even a 10% of that technology sees the daylight, I can bet on the fact that our lives would never be the same. And for those who don’t believe in imagination,

Nothing happens unless first we dream.

Head on over to the link shared above for a longer version of the video with even more eye candy.